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This is a tool that will remove a club head off of a shaft.  Very easy to use.  Great tool at a great price.  Why pay hundred of dollars for a extractor when this works just as good, if not better.  The spring tension does all the work.  Pulls head straight off the shaft.  Light weight at 0.68 lbs.  Best thing about this tool is that you don't even need a vise.  You could use a vise to hold the club, but not needed.  The tool has been tested on both steel and graphite shafts.  Tool will pull shaft tip sizes up to .410.
The tool was designed after a golf trip I took.  A friend broke his shaft and paid a lot of money to the proshop to get it reshafted.  If he had this tool he could of taken the shaft out right at his car.
6061 Anodized Aluminum (Dyed Red)
Made in the USA here at our machine shop.
Included with tool:
Extractor , Rubber clamp, Hosel protector
Operation of use:
- Tighten the wing nuts evenly.
- Clamp shaft (7/16 wrench or crescent wrench needed)
-Place hosel protector, loosen wing nuts
- Apply heat to the head at housel.
(we recommend that you use a micro torch or a heat gun).
- Spring tension breaks the epoxy bond.

5" long x 3.5" wide      0.68 lbs.

Instructions on how to use are included.





$ 49.00      Free Shipping to the USA





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