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  Pro Puller  
  Shaft Extractor  


This is a tool that will remove a club head off of a shaft.  Very easy to use.  Extractor can be mounted to the a bench or clamped in a vise.  As some of you know or some that don't, pulling a graphite shaft out of a head can damage the shaft if not pulled off straight.  This is where our Pro Puller comes in.  We designed our tool to pull the head straight out of the shaft.  With the extended leverage bar you can apply plenty of force to extracted the head.  We also designed the puller for high volume extractions, but can be used by hobbyist that only need to pull a few shaft.   Tool can be used for graphite or steel shafts.  The Pro Puller includes the following:  Pro Puller - Extension Bar - Aluminum slotted housel protector.
Operation of use:
- Clamp the shaft into the clamping device.
- Apply heat to the head at housel.
(we recommend that you use a micro torch or a heat gun).
- Pull the leverage bar to extract the head.

Instructions on use are included.




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